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Contemporary urban jewellery. Handmade in Italy.
The Brand interprets a creative space where, through the research of the pure and essential geometries of architecture and contemporary deisgn, the positive energy of urban experience is merged with the unique expression of the individual. Manufacture, performing materials and contemporary design in an alchemy that makes unique these jewels.
The INNERFORCE collection with neutral, minimalist and intangible volumes and precise and meticulous proportions. The lightness of the structure, the material and the geometry of the cuts express the essence of the brand.


Alpha Studio is a brand produced by Franco Rossi, a company that has been dealing with men's and women's knitwear for thirty years, creating sophisticated, technological and innovative garments. Appreciated especially for knitwear with a sober and basic taste, the brand uses the best materials, with attention to the volumes and shapes of its garments, realizing them with extreme attention to detail.


Altea is a brand of clothing for men and women of great quality, managed by the Sartori family. Born as a company specialized in scarves and ties, it has extended its production to clothing. A brand that today is famous in the world for the precious quality of its garments and for the unmistakable taste of fabrics. Altea total looks for men and women are colorful and interchangeable in the name of fantasy with colors ranging from neutral shades to the brightest ones. Those who wear Altea choose timeless elegance, sartorial quality and colors that go beyond the conventional barriers.


Dirk Bikkembergs is the brand that finds creative inspiration in the union between the sensuality of fashion and the strength of sport. Founded in 1986 by the homonymous designer, the brand has developed over the years a style that exudes movement, action, sporting activity. DIRK BIKKEMBERGS 'genuine, energetic and positive spirit of sport couture is a creative color in the fashion world with sporty, functional and sophisticated designs.


British luxury fashion house, Burberry was founded in 1856 when the then twenty-one year old Thomas Burberry, apprentice of an important tailor, opened his first shop in Hampshire in England. Characteristic is the tartan motif that has become its most recognized and imitated symbol. Today, the fashion house proposes different lines and a total look for men, women and children.


Created in 2012 by the fashion blogger of the same name, Chiara Ferragni Collection is a footwear and clothing brand that is characterized by its verve and irreverence. The style of the collection is young, fresh and inspired by Chiara's passions: music, pop culture and travel. Made with high quality materials and leathers, the Chiara Ferragni collection has stood out among the most glittering in the fashion scene. The "flirting" wink peeps on slip-ons, ballerina shoes, espadrilles, sneakers, shiny slippers, super glittery smartphone covers and very trendy backpacks in many combinations of colors and patterns.


Brand back overwhelmingly in vogue in recent years, Colmar Original's was founded in Monza in 1923 by Mario Colombo (from which the name originates). Today Colmar has diversified its production and, in addition to technical sportswear, also produces highly appreciated fashion items.


The Colmar Original's brand was founded in 1923 with Mario Colombo. Working closely with the Italian Winter Sports Federation, Colmar soon gained notoriety as a manufacturer of highly technical and qualified sportswear. Today you can wear technicality and quality even at the feet, with comfortable and practical Colmar shoes, stylish and colorful.


Diesel is a brand made in Italy famous all over the world. Born in 1978 from the creativity of Renzo Rosso who, from a young age, showed a great inclination for the world of textiles and entrepreneurship. The Diesel brand is a legend of the fashion industry. A pioneer in the world of denim and casual wear, he has always remained outside and above trends. Never abandoning its original DNA, it has evolved into an iconic global lifestyle brand.


Dondup is an Italian brand founded in 1999 by Massimo Berloni and Manuela Mariotti. It owes its name to Mingyar Dondup, a Tibetan Lama who preached equality, regardless of race, color or faith. Research, attention to detail and innovation are the essential elements of this brand, famous above all for its beautiful collections of jeans, made by experimenting with new fabrics, washes and shapes. But the brand is not just denim, in fact Dondup offers a total look with particular attention to quality and style.


The Doucal's brand was founded in 1973, thanks to the founder and owner of the company Mario Giannini. Elegant handmade shoes that, over time, have kept in exclusive charm of Made in Italy. Perfect shapes and refined style combine with maximum comfort, making the Doucal's brand one of the most sought after in the world.


Ed Parrish is an Italian company that produces comfortable sneakers but at the same time super chic with a fresh and original taste. The icon of the brand represents an arrow with a precise direction: the choice of always aiming at creativity and quality Made in Italy through the constant search for a contemporary style in which quality blends with traditional craftsmanship.


Eleventy is a brand made in Italy launched in 2006 by Marco Baldassari, Paolo Zuntini and Andrea Scuderi. The collections are characterized by a sober and timeless style that harmoniously combines character and discretion, elegance and practical functionality. The leaders retain their power of seduction on every occasion of use. Eleventy has a very precise brand identity, which can be defined as Unconventional Chic synonymous with impeccability and excellence.

Elisabetta Franchi

Elisabetta Franchi is a brand made in Italy led by the homonymous designer. Born in 1998 with the name of Celyn b. since 2012 it has been consecrated with the proper name of the Bolognese designer. Appreciated all over the world, it celebrates the triumph of femininity in all its aspects.


The Armani brand is, all over the world, synonymous with elegance and Italianness. Called by the British King George, Giorgio Armani built his kingdom in 1975. Originally born in the "clothing" sector, the Armani brand has expanded into many other sectors: perfumery, jewelery and furnishings. Among the latest innovations, the involvement of children with the creation of small delicacies all to wear.


The Etro brand was founded in 1968 with Gimmo Etro. The designer translates his love for travels and culture in the production of fine fabrics, using noble natural materials with innovative designs and colors. In the 80s the brand, in addition to clothing, expands into other sectors: perfumes, bags and objects. All collections are exclusive and stand out for the originality of the materials, workmanship and prints.


Born in the 60s with the production of casual chic style jackets that reached its peak in the 80s with the acquisition of the Della Valle group. Since then, in fact, the fashion house has expanded its collection, proposing all the must-have garments of a wardrobe, wearable everywhere and undisputed quality for men, women and children.


Born as a small family business, Maglificio Gran Sasso is today an international icon of Made in Italy fashion. The brand was born in Abruzzo in Sant'Egidio in 1952, and it is from this land rich in nature and tradition that the founders have drawn inspiration for their brand from which it takes its name. The company has decided to detach itself from following the sudden changes in fashion, creating quality garments with a style that lasts over time.


The company was founded in 1949 on the banks of the river Erno, in Piedmont, from which it borrows its name. The maison operates in the field of high-class jackets and down jackets that combine practicality and reliability with an impeccable cut. Famous throughout the world is the process of waterproofing the garments completely unique using "splamato" cotton.


Hogan was born in 1986 within the Tod's group, owned by the Della Valle family. Famous for the production of footwear (Interactive, Olympia, Rebel etc.) has expanded its vision to a total casual luxury look for men, women and children. Refined accessories and clothing, made with extraordinary quality materials, are destined to become timeless objects, keeping their value unaltered.

Jacob Cohen

The Jacob Cohen brand was founded in 1985 with Tanto Bardelle who decided to invent the production of "luxury jeans". But the idea of ​​"expensive" jeans in those days did not have a good response. This is why the brand is reborn in 2003 thanks to the son of the founder, Nicola, who will re-emerge the jeans brand on the market, giving it to the Adria Giada license. Today the brand produces mainly trousers, but also a clothing line.


The Jeckerson brand was born in 1995 from the idea of ​​Carlo Chionna, a passionate golfer. Jeckerson is a name that recalls the English atmosphere of club houses, with an all-Italian soul. What distinguishes the brand is the idea of ​​a trousers with leather / suede inserts under the pockets, born right on the golf courses. The collections are designed and made by focusing on tradition, unconventionality, research, development and innovation.


Jijil is a woman and girl total look clothing brand launched in 2012 by the D.G Group company in Andria, Puglia. It draws its essence from style and passion, from the protagonists of the fashion world and the creativity of all those people who have been able to anticipate trends by experimenting with new looks. The refined details, the choice of fashionable colors and easy to match, the use of materials combined together make Jijil a brand that has been able to create chic and casual garments.


Jijil jolie is a line for mini customers, in fact it follows in the footsteps of the "mother", but its attitude is much more rock. The collections are a riot of different fabrics, prints and colors. Lace, lurex, graphics in shades of gold and silver: all elements that reflect the inspiration of the outfits designed for the Jolie girl.


In 1965 Léon-Claude Duhamel invented a revolutionary jacket to avoid the inconvenience of getting wet when it rains: light, comfortable and perfectly waterproof. It's the K-Way. After many adventures, in 2004 the turning point with Marco Boglione, which relaunches the brand that soon becomes an icon word known and used in the world to indicate the type of product to deal with rain and cold with functionality and style. The main feature of K-Way garments is the special breathable nylon that does not crease.


Lardini is a Made in Italy brand founded in 1978 by four brothers with an unstoppable passion for fashion: an intertwining of feeling, family and professionalism that has made this great family-size company unique. Almost 40 years of history and work marked by the production of men's jackets with both classic and rebellious aesthetics, typical of British elegance. Lardini amazes in every collection for new and particular touches of the author, which transform each piece into a small work of art.


The Liu Jo brand was founded in 1995 with the brothers Vannis and Marco Marchi. The total look brand, with an innovative creative imprint, is attentive to new trends but maintains a well-defined identity. It stands out for its elegant and refined glam style, designed to enhance the beauty of the wearer. The Italian company Liu Jo has expanded to women's, men's and children's prêt-à-porter clothing, accessories, shoes and swimwear, specializing the various products in different lines. The name Liu Jo derives from the nicknames used by Marco Marchi (Jo) and his youth partner (Liu).


Maliparmi was founded in 1977 by Marol Paresi with his daughter Annalisa. It is a clothing brand with an ethnic flavor: long African style dresses, bags, sandals, shirts, studded belts and decorated with South American style medallions. A total look for the contemporary, independent and traveling woman.


Marester is a made in Italy brand founded in the '70s by the entrepreneur Nazzareno Cesauri in Sassoferrato. In just a few years the company specialized in the production of leather, sheepskin, fur and cashmere garments grows, transforming itself from a small artisanal laboratory into a modern international production reality. The continuous research of the new directs the creation towards original collections, where traditionally classical materials are remixed in patches with avant-garde fabrics and combinations, creating unusual, highly trendy harmonies, distinguished by extreme tailoring care down to the smallest detail.


The story of Max Mara begins in Reggio Emilia in the 50s when Achille Maramotti, following in the footsteps of the family, founded the brand that will become the ambassador of Italian elegance in the world. The intent is to create high quality packaged women's clothing. Max Mara, an emblem in the world of quality coat, is a "stainless" history of Made in Italy. She dedicates her collections to a glamorous, chic woman who loves to rediscover in her daily life the taste of refinement, without sacrificing practicality and dynamism. A modern and contemporary woman, with a sophisticated and refined image, a way of being adapted to the times and to the different occasions of modern life. Tailoring, luxury of materials, experimentation, internationality, modernity and status: these are the distinctive traits of the Max mood Mara.


MC2 Saint Barth was born from the idea of ​​two young entrepreneurs wishing to bring all the colors of the Caribbean sea and the island of St. Barth from which the brand takes its name. Elegance, refined taste and practicality are at the base of their collection. The MC2 Saint Barth costumes are in fact designed for those who love refined style but do not want to give up a perfect fit and quality.

Michael Kors

Known as an American brand founded in 1981 by the stylist Michael Kors, it is a great success and today is one of the most famous in the world. It combines luxury and accessibility covering a wide range of products from clothing to accessories, from bags to shoes. Much of the production, with a sporty and elegant allure, is made in Italy, according to the techniques of our ancient manufacturing tradition.


The name MONCLER is the acronym of Monestier de Clermont, a French town near Grenoble where the company was founded in 1952 by René Ramillon. At the beginning Moncler produced padded sleeping bags, a single model of a cape lined with hood and curtains with a telescopic structure and external covering. The production of the famous quilts sought in all the world began a few years later. Today Moncler is a sought-after Brand and also a stock listed on the stock exchange.


In 1968 Monnalisa was born, an artisan company specialized in the creation of clothing for girls aged 0 to 16, based in Arezzo. The turning point came when Barbaraa Bertocci, wife of President Piero Jacomini, set out to help out with the company: today Monnalisa is present in 60 countries, with stores and signs on the most important roads in the world. Quality and attention to detail, a constant search for the latest trends and innovative materials and the search for value and sustainability are the elements that have always distinguished the brand.


Monnalisa Jakioo is a brand made in Italy, 0-16 years old, which creates very trendy garments designed for the most demanding teenagers .; for school days, free time and for the most special occasions.


Orciani is a Made in Italy brand of leather belts and accessories, born in 1979, produced by a Marche-based company led by Claudio Orciani. The brand stands out for its sophisticated and innovative models made with craftsmanship of top quality leather and precious materials. Orciani accessories are able to convey the personality of those who choose them and wear them.

Patrizia Pepe

Patrizia Pepe is a Florentine brand created in 1993 by Patrizia Bambi and Claudio Orrea. The name "Pepe" immediately identifies the spirit of the brand, unconventional and dynamic. Women can be recognized in a brand that combines in itself the practicality of everyday life and the glamor of important moments, thanks to the refined minimalism of shapes and meticulous attention to detail.


Founded in the early 80s by Pietro Negra and Cristina Rubini, PINKO is a contemporary female fashion brand with distinctly Italian features whose production focuses on a young audience that looks to the future. Attention to modernity, technological innovation and accessibility are the elements that have characterized it over the years.


The Pinko Jean brand was born from the collaboration between Pinko and La Compagnia del Denim, a company known in the denim sector for the production and processing of jeans made in Italy. Pinko Jean is a young, fresh, unconventional line that launches on the market a creative vision of one of the most loved items of women's wardrobe. Casual prêt-à-porter catwalk jeans, but also elegant, sexy and glamorous made with top quality fabrics and unique tailoring processes.

Polo Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is an American clothing designer best known for his sportswear line that is at the heart of his fashion empire. Born in the Bronx in 1939, from a family of Jewish immigrants from Belarus, in 1967 he created the Polo Ralph Lauren brand, choosing a name inspired by a sport that embodies a world of discrete elegance and classic style: polo. In 1972, Lauren launched a short-sleeved cotton shirt available in 24 different color shades. The shirt has been decorated with the Polo logo, and has become the official signature of its brand. The Polo Ralph Lauren line currently produces clothing for men, women and children, which has its roots in the so-called preppy style, very British and which gives, to anyone wearing the garments, a timeless elegance.


The Premiata brand was founded in 1995 thanks to the unique entrepreneurial skills of Graziano Mazza, who takes over the family business to create a line of footwear that is distinctly different from shoes that are considered "classic". The goal is to trace a new evolutionary path of footwear, turning the classic into modern. Premiata sneakers are dressed in strong colors, unusual materials, eccentric details and are designed for out-of-the-line fashion lovers who believe in freedom and deny the clichés. Avant-garde, expressiveness and craftsmanship merge to give life to a decidedly out of the box line. Today, the Premiata collections are one of the most representative and sophisticated reality of Made in Italy in the world.


Roy Roger's is an Italian fashion brand founded in 1949 by Francesco and Mario Bacci, famous for the production of denim since 1952. The name Roy Roger's has always been associated with jeans for the unmistakable technical and stylistic changes that have become trademark over time; zip on the back pockets, small front pocket and iconic triangle-shaped logo sewn on the right back pocket. Today Roy Roger's offers a total look for men and women.


Saraghina Eyewear is a Made in Italy brand founded in 2013 by the intuition of the optician Angelo Di Stefano who, thanks to his long experience in the field and to the love for the places where he grew up, creates a unique product. The brand's proposals are presented with a special packaging that refers to the vintage packaging in which the famous blue fish of the Romagna Riviera was kept, from which the brand takes its name. All models are produced by specialized craftsmen who use only light-weight materials and top-quality components. They stand out for their style, for their shapes and for the bold combinations of colors between frames and lenses.


The name Saucony was born in 1898 in a small town in Pensylvania, along the banks of the Saucony River. The logo of the brand, in fact, is composed of a small wave, called in English '' RIVER ''. Today the Saucony is one of the most famous American companies for the production of footwear of any kind, specialized in the production of high quality and high performance running shoes. The Saucony Originals sneakers are characterized by their retro fashion style; they are inspired by the simplicity and charm of the '80s and' 90s combined with great comfort and maximum impact protection guaranteed by modern footwear. Very versatile to wear, they adapt with simplicity and character to any type of situation and look. All the models boast a wide range of colors and combinations, making each shoe a unique model.

Stone Island

Founded in 1982 by Massimo Osti and still of the Sportswear Company of Carlo Rivetti, it proposes sought-after sportswear, paying great attention to innovation, originality, functionality and the needs of contemporary fashion. Total look that vaguely recalls the taste and the military rigor with materials used derive from aeronautical technology. Today Stone Island is one of the most sought after brands in the world.


Tagliatore is an established Italian brand Made in Italy for men specialized in the creation of clothes, outerwear and valuable footwear. The Apulian company founded in 1934, continues today the tradition and at the same time the evolution, thanks to the brothers Lerario. Tagliatore dresses a strong, brilliant and demanding man in taste; unstructured dresses and jackets inspired by high Italian tailor made with precious fabrics with a "London Style" flavor. The jackets, the vests, the dresses and the coats are distinguished by their fashioned and soft shapes, where every detail enhances the beauty and originality of the garment. Even the shoes are made with quality materials with special leather soles and finished by hand.


Tod's has its roots in the early 1900s, when Filippo della Valle founded a small family-run company near Ancona. The transition to an industrial company took place at the end of the 70s, with the entry of his son Diego and with the start of the process of progressive development of the business. Today it is a group listed on the stock exchange with imarc hi Tod's, Hogan and Fay. The company's evolution does not change its original production intent: to produce footwear and accessories in the best quality leather, through hand-crafted manufacturing.


Founded by Simona Barbieri in 1990 as a knitwear company, today Twin-Set is deeply present in Italy and abroad to offer a total feminine look of timeless contemporary elegance. Twin Set is a pair of words that immediately expresses harmony, trust, unity and positivity.


The Woolrich brand was founded back in 1830 in Pennsylvania by John Rich and Daniel McCormick, thanks to its longevity is the oldest outdoor clothing brand in the United States. 1972 is the year in which the famous Original artic parka is presented, the Woolrich parka entered in history and still today proposed in the version for both men and women and considered the winter jacket par excellence; warm, soft, enveloping, classic but always in fashion.
In addition to the parka, the Woolrich collection of jackets has different models, short or long, all made of performance fabrics, light but very resistant.
And if the jackets are the master, do not forget that Woolrich also signs sweatshirts, sweaters and shirts for a complete sportswear.


Established in 1999 by Franco Zanellato, strong in an artisanal tradition in the field of leather goods, today ZANELLATO has a unique and unmistakable identity. It offers creations from the refined, discreet and typical luxury of the true Italian Know-How. The accessories become indispensable to love, to wear, to desire and above all to keep.Iconica the Postina bag, dedicated to the Italian Post Office, which obtains for the first time the Leather Standard certificate by OEKO-TEX®, thus becoming the first luxury fashion accessory which guarantees the highest standards of protection of human health.

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