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WOMEN’S DAY - fashion trends for women’s day

WOMEN’S DAY - fashion trends for women’s day
1 March 2023

Women’s Day, celebrated on 8 March each year, has its roots in the fight for their rights and gender equality: it is a day to celebrate their successes. 
Women’s Day is celebrated in many different ways: events, but also cultural events, art exhibitions or theater performances, or, more simply, outings between friends, perhaps with an exchange of mimosas, flower symbol of this festival and emblem of light, warmth and vitality. 
Here are some tips if you want to live this day following the fashion trends for March 8, creating an outfit that reflects your personality.
March 8 is often associated with white and purple colors, representing respectively purity and dignity. Wearing clothes or accessories in these colors can be a way to show your support to women.
If you want to show solidarity with women’s rights struggles, you could wear a dress or accessory with a feminist message, such as a t-shirt with a slogan or a brooch with the symbol of feminism.

If you care about nature and sustainability, March 8th could be an opportunity to show your commitment to the environment. You can opt for clothing made from sustainable materials, such as organic cotton, or look for vintage or second-hand clothing.
For a more feminine look, you can add a touch of pink or red to your outfit, for example with a scarf, a clutch or a hair accessory, or you could opt for accessories that symbolize the strength and determination of women, like a bracelet with a motivational quote. Green light also to dresses to flowers, ruffles and rouches.

March 8 is an occasion to celebrate women in all their forms and styles. Always remember to choose clothing that makes you feel comfortable and reflects your personality, maybe playing with accessories such as shoes and elegant bags, jewelry or scarves.
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