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28 June 2024

Invented in Paris by the French tailor Jacques Heim, on 5 July 1946 the bikini became a symbol of freedom and emancipation.
It has a fascinating history that reflects social and cultural changes of the twentieth century; its birth, imbued with boldness and innovation, represents a milestone in the evolution of fashion.
Let’s discover together how this iconic swimsuit was born that has become a worldwide phenomenon and what are the best models to wear at the sea, or in the pool.
In the sea fashion universe, the triangle swimsuit stands out for its timeless elegance and versatile simplicity.
This iconic design has conquered many generations, becoming a must-have for women seeking freedom and comfort.
MC2 Saint Barth offers models in sponge, with laminated texture and with curled hem, offering the possibility to adjust the cover and fit through the straps that allow you to easily adapt the triangle costume to your measurements, ensuring an optimal fit.
The triangle costume is not only a fashion choice, but a real lifestyle!

The bralette costume represents the perfect combination of style, comfort and versatility
This iconic garment not only enhances the feminine silhouette, but also offers optimal support, making it ideal for any summer activity.
The bralette bikini top can be easily integrated into different outfits: wear it with a pair of denim shorts for a casual beach look, or combine it with a fluid skirt for an aperitif at sunset. 
The design of the bralette costume offers a clean and sophisticated look, perfect for those who love a sober but classy style, its essential silhouette enhances the natural shapes of the body, giving an aura of refined elegance.

The one-piece swimsuit is much more than just a swimsuit: it is a symbol of timeless elegance and stylistic versatility. 
With its refined design, optimal support and the ability to adapt to any occasion, it continues to be a favorite choice for women around the world.
The one-piece swimsuit has a fascinating history dating back to the early 20th century, when women began to look for more practical and modern alternatives to bulky Victorian swimwear
With the evolution of social norms and the advent of women’s swimming competitions, the one-piece costume became a symbol of emancipation and modernity, today perfectly represented by brands such as Max Mara Beachwear and MC2 Saint Barth through costumes with rhinestone embroidery, logo applications and bright lurex fabrics that shine under the hot summer sun.

In the varied panorama of sea fashion, the one-shoulder swimsuit stands out for its modern charm.
This cutting-edge garment, featuring a single shoulder strap, combines style and functionality in a unique design that catches the eye; The MC2 Saint Barth Darlene W sponge model is a perfect example of how a simple detail can turn an ordinary garment into a piece of haute couture, a bold and refined choice for those who want to stand out with style.

Seduction and style for a trendy summer wearing the one-piece swimsuit with cut out, which adds a touch of dynamism and captivating charm to your beach look.
The cut-outs can be placed at various points, such as the hips, waist, torso or back, to create an extremely special visual effect, these cuts not only add a touch of seduction, but can also help shape and define each silhouette.
The one-piece swimsuit with cut-out can be worn on the beach, in the pool or combined with a skirt or pants for a summer evening look, is an essential item for any stylish holiday.

The birth of the bikini is not only a fashion story, but a testimony of social and cultural change
Browsing caposerio.com you can choose the model that best suits you, because today the bikini is much more than just an item of clothing: it is a symbol of audacity and female emancipation.