15% on the new winter 2020 collections
4 Feb


4 February 2020


Jewels of Fashion, forty-sixth appointment
It closes in beauty ... on caposerio.com the Sales reach up to 50%! The right time to take advantage of it and enrich your wardrobe with useful garments and, why not, delicious and original at the same time. The season ends beautifully waiting for the summer sales and, like every year, the opportunity to buy the selection of unique brands of their kind at sensational prices and, certainly, convenient knocks on your door. So, as you say, it's time not to waste time, caposerio.com awaits you with some of the news that we are about to tell you.

The right time to "dare" ...
And it is a moment for women who love style, to indulge in small goodies or sins of looks and indulge in healthy shopping. One of the ideal garments that recall casual but, at the same time, are elegant and timeless is the Twin-Set Lace Dress with flounces and stitch embroidery. Present on the site in the classic black and nude lace contrast, it can undoubtedly be combined with a dizzying heel or a comfortable low boot. The perfect compromise between simplicity and flair, with the insert of colored roses that make it witty at the same time, the possibility of making yourself perfect for different types of occasions, an aperitif with friends, a romantic dinner or an afternoon stroll.

The convenience of style ...
But, as always, on caposerio.com there is something for everyone! And since fashion is never enough, what if not a comfortable polo that you can show off on a pair of jeans or a cigarette or soft style trousers. Like the Polo in cotton by Polo Ralph Lauren, present on the site in classic Navy blue in contrast with the brand's typical pigskin in bright red, played down by the two front buttons. It comes in a comfort style, perfect for those who love to keep their little man elegant and, at the same time, do not miss the comfort zone that distinguishes it. Present on caposerio.com it is easy to combine but, above all, widely used for fresh and playful out-fits. The perfect garment for all those little men who know how to make themselves stylish without too many pretensions.

Sales for everyone ...
And if the sales are the perfect opportunity to make some little dream come true in the drawer for a woman who loves the world of fashion and for her little man, why not keep her dad happy too? Without a doubt one of the opportunities not to be missed on caposerio.com is to buy the Jaqcues Thermo Plus fimrato K-Way. Double Face is presented on one side as a comfortable and extroverted raincoat of a classic and versatile blue, on the other a warm and welcoming down jacket of a flashy and showy yellow. With hood and front zip closure, it is undoubtedly the garment that every man should keep in his wardrobe.

Stay Tuned ...
On caposerio.com you can find many other exclusive models to wear. Continue not to let your guard down, Jewels of Fashion will tell you about many news that are coming on the site ... January discounts are waiting for you, with the garments of your dreams discounted up to 50%. Use the code SUM20, you will get a 10% discount on the clothes of the new collection ... Stay Tuned!

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15% on the new winter 2020 collections