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CAPOSERIO.COM and the Mandralisca Museum of Cefalù

Our company, rooted in the Cefalù area for decades and renowned throughout Sicily, aims to promote the beauty of our town with the desire, in this autumn / winter season, to strengthen the union between art and fashion, with particular attention Made in Italy and all the characteristics that distinguish it on the international scene.


The Mandralisca museum, the ancient residence of Baron Enrico Pirajno di Mandralisca, preserves its artistic heritage which includes, in addition to the picture gallery, a remarkable archaeological collection, a splendid monetary unit, a malacological collection among the richest in Europe, as well as furniture and objects of prestige that already belonged to the Mandralisca family.


The museum's flagship are two recognized masterpieces: the magnificent Portrait of a Man, by Antonello da Messina, and the Sicilian crater with red figures on a black background known as the Tuna Seller.

The first is also known throughout the world for the novel by Vincenzo Consolo, The Smile of the Unknown Sailor, which is inspired by it.


The Museum still partly retains the intimate atmosphere of a domestic environment and the imprint of a private place of memories.

In this evocative atmosphere one can almost grasp the presence of the baron, philanthropist, scholar, enlightened intellectual, and the value of the scientific collections, antiques and works of art collected by him also lies in the testimony they give of the personality of the Founder.

With the opening of the Liceo Classico, universal heir to the Baron's assets, the Mandralisca Foundation was born, with the aim of operating at the service of the Cefalù and Madonite community, promoting and disseminating knowledge both in the humanistic and scientific aspects.

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