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9 Feb


Jewels of Fashion, seventeenth appointment
There is a smell of spring in the air! The days begin to lengthen and the first bright colors are the protagonists of courageous out-fit that are established between a spring look, accompanied by objects that makes it adaptable at the same time to the transitional period that goes from winter to the season of swallows. And it is also the perfect time to take advantage of the code SUM19 on, by inserting it you will have a 10% discount on the new summer collections. In a moment everything is painted pastel, those tones that we missed so much during the winter. An excellent opportunity for mothers who love style, who transmit their passion through the look of their little ones.

Like the Elisabetta Franchi suit, the perfect mix of comfort and elegance. Also available in green Tiffany, the color associated with one of the most beautiful films on the big screen, played by one of the fashion queens of the '60s: Audrey Hepburn. Short-sleeved, it has a boat neckline and a waistline embellished by the detail of the metal belt with star applications. The low crotch and the soft fit of the trousers, identify a small woman to the first taken with the out-fit of her dreams.

Once upon a time, there was ...
And for a little princess of style, you also need a queen. The long dress signed Twin-Set is undoubtedly the right opportunity to appear as polite as possible. In georgette with multi-colored lace sections, it comes with a round choker and three-quarter sleeves, leaving to the eye that feeling I see I can not see, so veiled as to be almost completely imperceptible.

But the real detail that personalizes the dress is its matching slip, the right calibration between a sexy woman but at the same time reserved and rational. The button closure on the back emphasizes the prudent character of the dress. Present on the site in two colors, the pink porcelain fully reflects the style, contradicting a little later thanks to the shades of opaque pink tending to fuchsia that give it an extra touch, that touch essential and consistent with a modern fairy tale.

'The End', the long-awaited happy ending ...
A princess and a queen without their king? A fairy tale that never existed. On the opportunities not to be missed are also for the dads! And why not take advantage of it to enrich your wardrobe with the Slim Fit Polo designed by Ralph Lauren? Available on the site in many colors, from shades of yellow to a warm strawberry pink. The right opportunity to find a garment that is perfectly matched with all the summer colors that your woman loves to show off when the sun starts to feel its warmth.

To be worn for any kind of occasion, they are versatile and timeless. Symbol of elegance and style, the Ralph Lauren polo shirt will remain the most sought-after garment in the fashion style scenario. Unprecedented mood is show it off for an aperitif by the sea, perhaps combined with a colorful costume that recalls the historic logo of the brand.

On you can keep up to date on all the news of the SUM2019 collection, your favorite signatures at 10%.

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