15% on the new winter 2020 collections
5 Nov


Jewels of Fashion, thirty-ninth appointment
The surprises continue on caposerio.com, new brands to show off await you ... ready for a winter with the bows! And to face this season, what better way than to wear Moncler? A brand that takes its name from a French town, where the company was founded back in 1952. The evolution of style, which starts with the production of padded sleeping bags, a single model of cape lined with hood and curtains with structure telescopic external cover, up to creating unique garments that are now recognized all over the world, so as to allow the brand to be listed on the stock exchange. A novelty on caposerio.com that leaves the desire to be carried away by the fashion look.
The taste of comfort and style squared ...
The most arduous undertaking for a brand of this magnitude is to be able to create a perfect combination of comfort and style. What represents all this is, without a doubt, the Padded Down with Fringes signed by Moncler. It can be worn on different occasions, either with a comfortable overalls or with an elegant cigarette pants, it is presented in the typical Moncler black that shines with its own light, accompanied by the combination of the wool cape-vest with long fringes, which are placed on the boss are almost to achieve a perfect symbiosis. The ability to combine "the useful with the pleasure", thus allowing style-loving women to keep warm but, at the same time, to keep up with fashion.

The trendy classic that never contradicts ...
And for a man who likes to feel protected during the winter, the ideal garment is definitely the Jeanmarc jacket by Moncler. Present on caposerio.com in Navy Blue, it is presented to the eye as a stylish and at the same time practical garment. The presence of the four front pockets is important for men who appeal to the trendy classic that never contradicts itself. But the peculiarity that distinguishes it and makes it unique, is the presence of the fur on the neck, which acts as an internal padding and the detail of the concealed closure, typical of Moncler men's jackets. The brand logo becomes the protagonist in the sleeve, standing out in its simplicity.

The detail between the details ...
Of all the colors, of all types, of every kind and to lose the head are the Moncler hats. Present on the site for men, women and children, they are presented in soft wool and with the tricolor strip that is positioned frontally, together with the brand logo. the perfect compromise to wear an accessory that is comfortable, warm and at the same time trendy. But the news on caposerio.com does not end there, it will undoubtedly be a long winter and full of fantastic surprises!

Stay Tuned ...
On caposerio.com you can find many other exclusive models to wear. Keep on not letting your guard down, some of your favorite items are waiting for you with a 10% discount ... and by entering the code EXTRA10 you will get an additional 10%! Jewels of Fashion will tell you about many new things coming to the site ... Stay Tuned!

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15% on the new winter 2020 collections