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1 Jan


Jewels of Fashion, thirteenth appointment
After the Christmas break, Jewels of Fashion returns to tell all the news of 2019. The Sales begin! From tomorrow on 30% discount on the most popular brands in the catwalks of presentation of the fall winter 2018-2019 collections, for a start of the year surprising and full of news for all fashion addicts. Opportunity not to be missed, awaiting the latest gifts expected by the Befana. On the Sale section of the site you can keep up-to-date on items of clothing that always stimulate your interest, with the possibility of finding them at an unexpected price. But, to facilitate the work, Jewels of Fashion thinks about describing someone in particular, in order to meet the needs of young and old.

A beginning of the year with the flakes ...
A 'whim' in all respects is the Label Jacket, signed Pinko. A unique piece of its kind that, without needing accessories, becomes the protagonist of a particular and flashy out-fit at the right point. A contrast of colors that has been most used on the Milan Fashion Week catwalks: the opaque black that is the background to a golden one that stands out in all its brightness. The stand-up collar and gold piping that accompanies the stitching of the jacket make it, in itself, captivating and 'seductive'. The perfect combination of elegance and whimsy, the balance that takes shape in a piece of clothing that can be combined with any type of shoe, sporty or elegant, playing down with a Jeans or walking the road of the measured with an elegant trousers that recall the brightness of the buttons where the famous symbol of the swallows that meet is present in relief.

The long-awaited Sales that satisfy everyone ...
But the Sales are born to satisfy everyone's needs! Not even the fathers and their children will remain empty-handed. The cold has just begun and it is right to be ready to face it! The Sweater by Lupetto signed Della Ciana, is a garment that can not miss in every man's closet! The contrast of beige in different shades that is imposed on a call of opaque gray, gives the possibility to those who buy it to combine business with pleasure: a warm and soft sweater that, at the same time, presents itself to the 'capricious' eye and 'tantalizing'. And why not, the Sales are the perfect opportunity to remove some 'whim' to your little man. What better occasion than the Colmar Empire Jacket, on the site in different colors. The perfect excuse to enrich the wardrobe, buying one of the most requested items that can solve the problem of the expected drop in temperature.

On you can keep up to date on all the news concerning the long-awaited January sales, your favorite signatures off 30%.

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