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HI BARBIE! discover the selection and create your outfit inspired by the most famous doll of all time

HI BARBIE! discover the selection and create your outfit inspired by the most famous doll of all time
24 July 2023

In the new film Barbie the iconic doll returns to the big screen to face a challenge that goes beyond appearance. The plot takes us on an exciting journey into the world of fashion and shows us how this aspect played a central role in the success of the film. Barbie, with her unmistakable glamorous style, discovers that aesthetics can be a double-edged weapon: it can help to express personality and increase confidence, but can also hide the true self behind a mask of perfection. With a keen eye for detail, the film features stunning costumes and stunning scenery, capturing the spirit of the fashion industry and its impact on pop culture. Fashion, with its power of expression, becomes a tool to convey a positive message of emancipation and also inclusiveness. And so, while the pink Barbie storms catwalks and red carpets, to "look at the world with colored glasses of pink" no longer seems a figure of speech. Of course, from the official events the Barbiecore took a moment to translate into a mass phenomenon, between social and fast fashion, without losing impressions, indeed magnifying with the approach of the film’s release.
Then begins the race to win the most "pink" items of the season: iconic pink Birkenstock, which also become protagonists in the film, polo Lacoste or a Polo shirt Ralph Lauren to be the real Ken, or sandal with heel Sergio Levantesi in the particular finish lamè coconut to walk on tiptoe just like Barbie!

Because, as he wants to emphasize the film through the exceptional cast with some of the most beautiful women today in their diversity, there is not a single Barbie: in the universe of Barbie women are all Barbie, regardless of hair color, size and complexion. And this message can only be positive and liberating in the conception of femininity.

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