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13 April 2023

For over half a century, every year, on April 22, Earth Day is celebrated, a day dedicated to raising awareness on the sensitive issue of sustainability and environmental protection at global level, promoting all those actions aimed at preserving our planet for future generations.
Sustainability has become a very important issue also in the textile sector and, in general, in clothing brands: the clothing industry is often linked to environmental issues (just think of the pollution caused in the processes of tissue production and the large amount of energy used, with its emissions) and in some cases also, unfortunately, social issues (We are talking, for example, about all those precarious and unsafe working conditions for so many workers, particularly in developing countries).
Given the increasing attention to these issues, including by consumers, clothing brands are becoming increasingly committed to sustainability. Many companies, in fact, are adopting sustainable practices in the production of fabrics and clothing, such as the use of organic and recycled materials, the reduction of waste and the adoption of production processes with low environmental impact. 
If you are also sensitive to the theme of environmental sustainability, in our boutiques and on you can find a selection of brands in line with your values. Let’s talk about brands such as:
Stella McCartney, a luxury fashion company that uses only sustainable and cruelty-free materials in the production of its garments.

Elisabetta Franchi, who has implemented the use of eco-sustainable fabrics and materials in the production of her garments, such as organic cotton, linen, eco-sustainable viscose, using eco-friendly production practicesreducing waste and paying close attention to social and environmental responsibility.

Stone Island, in addition to the use of sustainable materials, is particularly committed to reducing the so-called "carbon footprint" through the use of renewable energy in the production and monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions; the company has also promoted a real recycling program for its garments, allowing customers to return used garments for recycling.

Pinko has implemented several initiatives to reduce waste, such as the creation of garments without waste and the adoption of production processes with low environmental impact. In addition, the company has promoted sustainability through its campaign "Choose Pinko, Choose Planet"which invites consumers to choose sustainable products and has worked with environmental organisations to promote sustainability and environmental conservation.

Veja eco sneakers par excellence, made of organic Brazilian cotton and rubber extracted in the Amazon by direct growers; the production is also totally traceable.

Zanellato, which with the Luxethic line aims to encourage research and continuous innovation of production processes, so that they are increasingly environmentally friendly.

Lacoste that is now known for its use of organic cotton and recycled polyester.

K-Way with the new sustainable project of the Vrai 2.1 Amiable collection, made of 100% recycled ripstop nylon.

Birkenstock, which has always used only natural raw materials with respect for the environment, for the brand sustainability is not a current phenomenon linked to marketing strategies, but an expression of a company position.

These are just some examples of the brands committed to environmental sustainability that you can find in our boutiques in Cefalù and in our online shop: register for a discount code of -15% and take advantage of the MID SEASON SALE!
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