15% on the new winter 2020 collections
9 Nov


Jewels of Fashion, the fortieth appointment
Jewels of Fashion celebrates its 40th article with a unique opportunity not to be missed! On caposerio.com only Monday 11 November a 20% discount on all items by applying the SINGLES20 code. Known as a party for singles, it is a very special day in Chinese culture is celebrated by honoring fashion. For all style lovers, on caposerio.com Monday will be a special day. This date in China has become very important even for newlyweds, millions of couples choose it to celebrate the most important day of their lives. Take advantage of yourself and give yourself a little whim, some of the items of your dreams are waiting for you at 20% off.

The perfect opportunity for small style sins ...
And what better opportunity for a woman than to buy one of the objects of desire, the bag. Among the models that are certainly envy and prominent in the catwalks of Milan Fashion Week is the Shoulder Bag signed Elisabetta Franchi. A unique accessory that can be worn on a Jeans to make it more particular, but that can also become the protagonist of an elegant and sophisticated out-fit. On caposerio.com it can be found in black and comes with the typical brand logo on the front, in gold and strass. An excellent opportunity to enrich your wardrobe with a fancy and particular object, a real sin of style.

Details that make the difference ...
And if we want to talk about opportunities, for a man if what better opportunity than that of the singles' day to buy a comfortable Colmar down jacket? Like the removable hooded down jacket, present on the site in an ice gray color, easy to put on any type of out-fit. But absolute comfort is achieved by the presence of the removable hood, which can be inserted on gloomy days and at the same time removed on sunny days. For a man who loves wearing comfort and at the same time combining style and Fashion Look, the Colmar down jacket is certainly the ideal garment. But the colors you can show off are different, a beautiful forest green or the typical Navy Blue. Do not miss the chance to become the protagonist of this particular party, known internationally!

Stay Tuned ...
ONLY MONDAY, On caposerio.com you can take advantage of the SINGLES 'DAY. Keep on not letting your guard down, some of your favorite items are waiting for you with a 20% discount by entering the SINGLES20 code a! Jewels of Fashion will tell you about many new things coming to the site ... Stay Tuned!

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15% on the new winter 2020 collections