15 Jan


Jewels of Fashion, forty-fifth appointment
Christmas is over, but on you don't stop taking advantage of the sales period! Occasions not to be missed await you, some of the garments that could finally become your discount of 40%! For lovers of style this is undoubtedly the best time not to overlook the possibility of enriching your wardrobe, not forgetting that some of these accessories may also come in handy for the seasons to follow. In fact, fashion always remains in step with timeless trends, those with a classic and timeless style. But not going too far, always keeping up with fashion style is important especially for women, but without neglecting men who, in a definitely different way, keep themselves silently updated.

The unmistakable warmth of style ...
Sales are often interpreted as a way to buy any type of article that may be useful and, staying in line with this thought, without a doubt a warm and welcoming jacket can be the best solution. Like the Nenette Faux Fur Jacket. The possibility of wearing a completely versatile garment, both with a comfortable Jens, and with a dress or a risqué skirt, up to an elegant flared trousers, accompanied by an everyday heel. It is soft and with three-quarter sleeves, present on in a bright burgundy color, always in trend and widely used on the catwalks of Milan Fashion Week. But the peculiarity of this garment is undoubtedly the presence of the high collar, useful in the cold winter periods to also cover the upper part. The perfect combination of comfort and style.

The whim of feeling in step with fashion ...
And for those men who love style, it's time to get some small pebble off your shoe. What better opportunity to do it than the 40% sale on Fashion that blends with the undisputed desire to wear something that makes us unique, that belongs to us not only materially but also on a personal level. The right garment for those who adopt this lifestyle is undoubtedly the Bicolor Lupetto by Alpha Studio. A particular garment, which plays with its shades and which, for this reason, makes it adaptable to different types of occasions. Present on in gray and beige, it becomes unique thanks to the presence of a single large front braid. But the highlight is not only in this, but in its cashmere blend composition, which makes it soft and undoubtedly warm. Excellent for spending a winter accompanied by the warmth but, at the same time, by the originality.

Stay Tuned ...
On you can find many other exclusive models to wear. Continue not to let your guard down, Jewels of Fashion will tell you about many news that are coming to the site ... January discounts are waiting for you, with your dream garments discounted by 40% ... Use the code SUM20, you will get 10% discount on the new collection ... Stay Tuned! uses cookies and other technologies to ensure a reliable and secure site, measure performance, provide a personalized shopping experience and themed advertising. To do this we collect data relating to users, their behavior and their devices. By selecting "I accept", the user consents to this data collection and authorizes us to share this information with third parties, such as our marketing partners. In case of refusal we will only use essential cookies and the user will not receive personalized content. Select "Set Preferences" for further details and manage your options. The user can change his preferences at any time. For more information, please read our privacy policy.
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