1 Mar


Jewels of Fashion, nineteenth appointment
Even if the temperatures do not allow us to show off light out-fit yet, the smell of spring begins to feel in the air. And from spring to summer it's really a moment! It is finished February, the month that is in the middle between fresh climate and temperate climate, the right time to start thinking about what to show off passed this brief moment of instability. On inserting the code SUM19 you can get 10% discount on the new summer collections.

A neutral color that is good with both the summer tanning and the whiteness of winter is, without doubt, white. The right compromise to be reached for an uncertain period, the same compromise between elegance and sportiness that reaches the dress with star buttons signed Elisabetta Franchi. The detail of the star buttons give the garment a touch of sympathy that manages to defuse it, taking off the scaffolding of the square shoulder and the cut into a jacket. The lines of the dress that start from the décolleté up to the pelvis give a touch of linearity to the dress, made even more easy by the laterally open sleeves.

SUM19, 'keep two feet in three shoes' ...
For a dynamic man, who loves to change footwear to make his look different every time, is definitely the right site. Models of all kinds, from the shoe to wear with an elegant cut dress, to the simplest Sneakers to show off with jeans or a pair of tracksuit trousers.
Like the Emporio Armani Running Sneakers, a versatile shoe that lends itself to easier occasions. Light and comfortable at the foot, it has a perforated surface covered with bands that show the brand name in full. The sole, soft and elastic to the surface, is enriched by the logo detail. An alternative way to play down your sporty look.

A perfect middle ground is undoubtedly the timeless Sayer Sneakers signed Polo Ralph Lauren, a guarantee on all types of out-fit. Practical and tasty, it is on the site in Verde opaco, a very sought-after color on the catwalks because it is easy to put together. In the background, in the side of the shoe, the horse is mastered, the brand's signature guarantee, even more accentuated by the contrast with the cream color of the sole.

But how not to take advantage of the SUM19 code to enrich your shoe rack with the Francesina signed Tod's. A unique shoe, totally handmade in every detail, which is elegant but at the same time adaptable to different occasions: business lunches, aperitifs, dinners or important events. A shoe that will allow you to rest assured on what to wear for any eventuality and that will remove you from any perplexity of out-fit.

Stay Tuned ...
On there are many news, new brands designed for you are going to catch you by surprise, do not lower your guard! Keep up to date on all the news of the SUM19 collection, your favorite signatures await you at 10%.