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2 Jan


2 January 2020


Jewels of Fashion, forty-fourth appointment
January has only one recognition code, the one that corresponds to the word Sale! On the opportunities not to be missed begin, some of the garments of your dreams discounted by 30%! Nothing could be simpler than healthy shopping, designed especially for all fashion addicts who love style and not only: the possibility for the more comfort-conscious to enrich their wardrobe with useful items, which can also be used in the following seasons, those that correspond to the classicism and elegance that never sets. In short, on nobody will be dissatisfied and everyone will be satisfied, some in one way and some in another.

The Trendy - Confortable ...
What better occasion for a woman than that of the January sales to indulge some small wish not discarded under the Christmas tree? Without a doubt one of the garments that appeals to everyone is the Patrizia Pepe leather jacket. Present on the site in an emerald green, and with the particularity of the front tone-on-tone buttons, it is particular in its simplicity. The zipper in the pockets, plays down the garment thus making it adaptable also to a sporty and less demanding out-fit. The sash on the neck is undoubtedly the sign of recognition of this splendid jacket. An alternative way to be able to stand out without wearing anything so particularly complex.

One hundred facets in one garment ...
And to return to the topic of classic comfort that never sets, what better opportunity for men who love to be elegant but at the same time remain comforted if not to buy the Tagliatore Single Breasted Coat? A garment that can hardly be compared with any other coat, present on discounted by 30%. In wool blend with lapel collar, it looks elegant and set at the right point, It can be worn with a comfortable pair of jeans and sneakers, but also with elegant trousers and a leather boot or a particular lace-up. Black is the perfect color for a garment of this kind, as unique and unmistakable as the wearer will be. Knowing how to wear Tagliatore is not for everyone. Take advantage of it as long as you can, awaits you with many other opportunities not to be missed.

Stay Tuned ...
On you can find many other exclusive models to wear. Continue not to let your guard down, Jewels of Fashion will tell you about many news that are coming on the site ... January discounts are waiting for you, with the items of your dreams discounted by 30% ... Use the code SUM20, you will get 10% discount on the new collection ... Stay Tuned!

Shipments are regular but there may be some slight delay for the COVID-19 emergency