10 Dec


Jewels of Fashion, 43rd appointment
Surprises continue on! A gift for your gifts, some of the clothes still discounted at 20% by entering the code EXTRA20. A way to easily realize the desires of all loved ones and to enrich your Christmas tree with unique and exclusive gifts, in promotion only for the month of December, in short ... a party in every sense. Do not waste any more time and take advantage of this unique opportunity and, finally, take advantage of yourself to get out some desire from the drawer!

A gift for your gifts ...
And if a gift is a gift, it must be a gift! What better occasion than that of December Promo if not to enrich one's wardrobe with a completely exclusive item, the Max Mara double-breasted coat. In soft alcapa and wool, it is versatile and soft, with the presence of four front buttons. A perfect compromise for those who love voluminous fabrics but prefer not to wear furs. Present on, Blu is undoubtedly the perfect gift for a style-loving woman who dares right and who brings out-fit in full Fashion Style, keeping up with the trends on the catwalk at the most fashion shows followed by fashion addicts.

A coat for two ...
But if it is the right time for women to fill their wardrobe, it certainly is for men too! But the garment we are talking about really represents a rare and unique opportunity: the double-breasted coat signed Etro discounted by 20%! And here, in a moment, dreams are about to become reality. The checkered pattern is the bearer of undisputed elegance and savoir faire, so easy to wear but selected by those who make themselves the bearer of taste and undisputed class. It comes with six front buttons and two comfortable pockets, covered with the classic Etro pattern, it can do nothing but make itself recognizable to the naked eye. To be worn with a comfortable Jeans or with elegant trousers, it is suitable for any type of occasion but, at the same time, it becomes completely identifying.

Stay Tuned ...
On you can find many other exclusive models to wear. Keep on not letting your guard down, Jewels of Fashion will tell you about lots of news coming on the site ... December Promo is waiting for you, with the heads of your dreams discounted by 20% only for December ... Stay Tuned!