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18 Oct


18 October 2019


Jewels of Fashion, thirty-eighth appointment
Autumn has already arrived and brings with it on lots of news to wear! On some of the articles on the site 10% discount is waiting for you, but it does not end here: by entering the code EXTRA 10 you can take advantage of an additional 10%! An opportunity not to be missed for style enthusiasts, who love having their wardrobe always ready for every season. New brands to be discovered, between comfort, fashion style, elegance and simplicity. Fashion is a passion, and as such it must be supported ... take advantage of it and don't waste time, is ready to amaze you!

Fresh look, surprise with style ...
It's still time for skirts! Of all colors, of all types, long, short, knee-high ... and so on and so forth! The opportunity not to be missed is, without a doubt, the Imitation Leather Skirt by Patrizia Pepe. Present on in petrol green and black, it comes with a lace bottom to make you lose your head! Combinable with a type of sporty look, with a neutral low boot and a T-shirt, or with an elegant out-fit: shirt and stiletto heel ... to make your head spin in all senses! Practical and at the same time comfortable, like any skirt, it is suitable for night or afternoon occasions, an aperitif with friends or a gallant dinner, a different way to surprise with style!

The out-fit must be served complete ...
But the real accessory that can never be missing in a woman's wardrobe is the classic backpack. Surely the EXTRA 10 code is the perfect opportunity to buy one with a 10 + 10% discount! But not just any one, but the Backpack with Fly logo by Patrizia Pepe ... ready to be worn on your shoulder and become your faithful travel companion. Size: 30x20x10cm, it comes with a convenient front pocket and the brand logo that stands out against the black background, the perfect way to face the autumn and winter season with an inseparable friend. To be able to show off with different types of out-fit, it is the perfect compromise between comfort and style.

The law is equal for all!
Men, come on you too! No disparity on! And in this case the opportunity not to be missed is undoubtedly the purchase of the Chelsea Cornwood log in Church's leather. A unique product of its kind, both in style and realization. The elastic inserts on the sides play down the product, later contradicting itself with the hammered leather, typical of a different product. The rubber sole makes the shoe comfortable to wear and gives it a regular fit. You can wear them with comfortable jeans, or under elegant trousers, they are suitable to be worn on different types of occasions ... so who has time, therefore, do not wait for time!

Stay Tuned ...
On you can find many other exclusive models to wear. Keep on not letting your guard down, some of your favorite items are waiting for you with a 10% discount ... and by entering the code EXTRA 10 you will get an additional 10%! Jewels of Fashion will tell you about many new things coming to the site ... Stay Tuned! uses cookies and other technologies to ensure a reliable and secure site, measure performance, provide a personalized shopping experience and themed advertising. To do this we collect data relating to users, their behavior and their devices. By selecting "I accept", the user consents to this data collection and authorizes us to share this information with third parties, such as our marketing partners. In case of refusal we will only use essential cookies and the user will not receive personalized content. Select "Set Preferences" for further details and manage your options. The user can change his preferences at any time. For more information, please read our privacy policy.
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Use the WINT10 code on new collections