16 Mar


Jewels of Fashion, twenty-first appointment
Spring is the right time to start showing off our beloved Sneakers! Of all types and colors, the brand that undoubtedly has the absolute record in terms of shoes is Adidas. The production range of the Adidas brand originates with the production of soccer shoes, up to footwear for a growing number of different sports. Only then did the company decide to diversify, expanding into sportswear and leisure shoes. Major producer in Europe and second in the world, the products have their signature of recognition characterized by parallel stripes arranged at an angle.

On it is possible to find different models, from the most practical and casual ones, to those most used in the sports world. Like the Gazzelle Vintage, the perfect way for a man with an 'easy' look to create the balance between comfort and style. Present on the site in white, they create a play of colors in contrast with the honey-colored sole. With leather upper and iconic tone-on-tone lateral stripes, they are characterized by a rounded tip and a typical lace closure. The tab with the brand logo gives an extra detail to the shoe, which is more reinforced with the Trefoil logo on the heel. The sole in preformed natural rubber allows the shoe to softly adhere to the ground, giving the feeling of walking as extreme lightness.

And for a sporty guy who likes to keep a look in step with fashion by combining it with his ou-fit a bit of simplicity, the XPLR Originals are, without a doubt, the perfect footwear. Present on in black, they are characterized by the presence of a solid upper in breathable mesh, without neglecting the importance of the iconic tone-on-tone side stripes. The peculiarity of the shoe is its closure with elastic laces, together with the molded rubber sole with a practical shock-absorbing system. Here too the brand logo has its undeniable importance, silently appearing tone on tone on the tongue of the shoe. The possibility of wearing a practical shoe, combining it with comfortable jeans or an everyday sports outfit.

Shoes to lose the head ...
How is it possible not to dedicate a space to the very small sports shoes created ad hoc for all the little ones? Like the Crib Royal Gazelles, present on the site in blue for boys and in pink for girls. With a suede upper and iconic contrasting side stripes, they are characterized by the presence of a non-slip sole, specifically designed to be worn by children. Enriched by the presence of the typical logo on the tongue, they will make the look of your little ones unique and 'lose their heads'.

Stay Tuned ...
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